Hello, nice to meet you! 

As I feel it’s important for you to know who I am and what made me decide to become a Certified Reiki Master, Aromatherapist, Holistic Therapist & Life Coach, I would like to tell a little bit about myself. It’s also very important if you look for a Reiki Practitioner or Life Coach that you feel a certain connection as there needs to be trust and a feeling of comfort.

Helping people is my Passion. Through all the years of employment and self employment I’ve always been helping people next to that. Most of the time without often realizing how much it meant for people when they had an informal chat with me. Over the years I started to realize it more and became aware of the fact that I really felt within myself that I “needed” to do something with it.

I did not always had an easy Life myself, but I was always a fighter, and I still am. If I really wanted something I tried to find ways to get it or achieve it, and never gave up. For a long time I was someone as well who found it really important what other people thought about me or I asked for approval. Till a certain point that I realized it was Not needed at all to ask approval of other people for the things I wanted to do. From then I made decisions on my own, without asking others what they thought about my ideas, I just did it. Even some people disagreed at some point, while later on they had to admit I actually did very well and they seemed even proud of me.

And because I know How hard it can be to follow your own ideas and dreams while people around you try to talk you out of it, it became my Passion to help others who want to do the same as I did….changing my Life in the Life how I want it, with My own ideas and My own choices.

Reiki, Crystals, Herbalism, Aromatherapy and Holistic Healing treatments are my Passion, as you can help people and animals in so many ways by tuning in the Universal Energies. Cleansing and Balancing Chakras is also part of it and in combination with Reiki Healing ( on people or animals ) this can help with a lot of Physical issues and imbalances. Even after serious illness, like cancer, Reiki can be used as an After Care treatment or even as a Support while still receiving treatments. Reiki can even assist when someone (or an animal) is ready to “cross-over” to make this process more comfortable and in ease and peace. Aromatherapy and Herbalism is a great add-on when it comes to Healing, as you are able to use Essential Oils and Herbs as a Natural Medicine, which can have a very Positive impact. Also the use of Crystals in a Reiki treatment can be very beneficial in many ways.

Holistic Life Coaching is another passion, I coach people from my Heart, I genuinely want to Help You making Positive changes in your Life. I want to Help creating Happiness again in every area of your Life, I want to Help You to have a Purpose in Life again and that you get up in the morning with a smile on your face and feeling the confidence that it’s gonna be a Fantastic Day again! Everyone is unique, what works for one person doesn’t particular have to work for someone else, so I look at you more at a personal level, who you are, what you want to achieve, what are you capable off achieving within a certain amount of time and what your limited beliefs and boundaries might be. Holistic Life Coaching goes very well together with Holistic Treatments as Reiki Healing.

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